How is my Well Drilled?

Drilling is carried out using air rotary drilling equipment with down the hole hammer. Steel lining 168mm outside diameter is installed through all overburden and into solid bedrock. A minimum of 12m is installed in every borehole. This lining is grouted into place using a bentonite grout to seal off surface water. In collapsing conditions it is sometimes necessary to install a 200mm diameter steel lining in the top portion of the borehole.

Drilling continues in bedrock until sufficient water is encountered. Typically water is picked up in minor inflows from fractures in the rock as drilling proceeds. Sometimes large inflows are found in a single fracture. The driller knows when water is encountered and measures the flow as drilling proceeds. When an adequate yield is obtained drilling is stopped and the borehole is cleaned.

Finally the borehole is completed with 125mm diameter PVC lining installed the entire depth. The PVC is slotted to allow water inflow. The borehole is then disinfected using chlorine and fitted with a secure well cap.

Note: Well should be pumped to waste intermittently over a few days to get rid of chlorine before water is fit for use.

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