Well Drilling Costs

The major determining factors that are taken into consideration when calculating the cost of Well Drilling are depth of well and steel used in the lining of the well. The depth required will vary from area to area. Feel free to contact us for more information - we may have driled in your area previously and can therefore give you a more accurate estimate relevant to your location. As an estimate,  a 200/300ft well, using 40ft of steel would cost approximately 3000 plus Vat.

Grants available

Grants are available in circumstances where the following conditions apply...

  • Property must be over 7 years old
  • Must be your main residence - not your second home
  • No mains water is available

If these conditions apply, a grant of 2,000 may be available to you.

Commercial Well Drilling Costs

To supply sufficient water to meet the needs of a commercial operation, more than one well may need to be drilled. However, given that an average Dairy farm faces 10-15,000 per annum in water rates, and a medium sized Hotel 40/50,000this pays for itself quite quickly. In addition to these major cost savings, having your own supply ensures continuity of supply.


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