Commercial Well Drilling

Commercial Well Drilling Groundwater is often available in quantities suitable for use as a source for industry and public water supplies.

Businesses can reap major benefits, including significant cost savings, by availing of this natural resource. By drilling one or more boreholes your business can have it's own supply of un-metered fresh water thereby resulting in significant cost savings and ensuring continuity of supply.

Some examples of business that have particularly benefited from our Well Drilling services include.......

Hotels, Golf Courses, B & Bs, Pubs, Farms, Car Washes, Food & Drinks, and Manufacturing Industry

A comprehensive listing of many of our Commercial Well Drilling clients from the above industries can be seen in our Projects section

Our Well Drilling CV

Dunnes Drilling Services Ltd has been sole drilling contractor on many of the largest groundwater developments projects in Ireland to date, including.....
  • Fardystown Regional Water Supply Scheme, Co. Wexford,
  • Monaghan Water Supply Augmentation Scheme, Co. Monaghan,
  • Bog of the Ring - Groundwater Development - Fingal County
  • Templemore Water Supply Scheme, Co. Tipperary
  • Borrisoleigh Water Supply Scheme, Co. Tippearary
  • Mallow / Ballywinter Water Supply Scheme, Co. Cork
  • Kinvara Regional Water Supply Scheme, Co. Galway

We have completed boreholes for many commercial users and group water schemes. In addition to water well drilling we also drill for the following:

  • Pre drilling for Piling - to 500mm diameter
  • Dewatering wells - to 500mm diameter
  • Monitoring wells - from 50mm diameter
  • Investigation boreholes - to 300m depth

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