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atlascopcot The T3W is a hydraulic top head drive drill rig for water well applications using either rotary air or down hole hammer as well as mud drilling methods. This drill is powered by a deck engine, and is suitable for drilling 125mm – 300mm holes.
2005 Atlas Copco T3W – S/n 6965 on 2006 Truck
Year – Truck 2006
Year – Rig 2005
Hours – as at 31 July 09 1,600hrs
Miles – as at 31 July 09 9,000mls
Price -- € See Brochure

AtlasCopcoT3W Brochure

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Make: Caterpillar C15 – 565 hp @ 1800RPM
Fuel Tank: 160 Gallon (605 L) made of Aliminium
Make: Ingersoll – Rand HR2.5
Type: Over / Under Screw
Volume: 1070 CFM (505 L/s)
Pressure Range: 120 to 350 psi (8.3 to 24.1bar)
Power Source: Direct drive from deck engine with optional in/out box

Hydraulic System
Capacity of tank: 100 gallons (378 L)
Filtration: Hydraulic oil filtered through 10-micron elements
Pumps: Multi – section Gear Pump
Section 1: 56 GPM (212 L/min.)
Section 2: 56 GPM (212 L/min.)
Section 3: 21 GPM (79 L/min.)
Functions: Levelling jacks, retractable table, derrick hoisting cylinders, water injection, carousel, breakout wrench, fast feed, draw works, hydraulic cooling fan, drill feed.
Axial Piston Pump, Slow Feed
Capacity: 14 GPM (53 L/min.)
Axial Piston Pump, Top – head Rotation
Std Rotary Head: 67 GPM (234 L/min.)
Optional Rotary Head: 87 GPM (329 L/min.)

Cooling Package
The 4 section cooling package is designed to cool the hydraulic oil, compressor oil, engine fuel and power pack engine coolant.
Fan Drive: Hyraulic motor @ 1800 RPM
Fan Size: 54 in. (1372mm) diameter, Suction Type
Cooling Capacity: Rated at 125°F (51°C) ambient at sea level

Standard Derrick
Construction: Welded cold finished rectangular steel tubing
Structural Capacity: 45,000 lb. (20412 kg)
Length, Overall: 32 ft (9753mm)
Width: 36 in. (914mm)
Depth: 28 in. (711mm)
Max Working Clearance: 31ft (9.42m) from hoist line hook at top of derrick to table
25ft 8in. (7.8m) from bottom of rotary head spindle to the table with head at the top of the derrick
Feed System
The T3W uses a single cylinder feed system.
Hydraulic Cylinder: 6 in x 3 in (152mm x 76mm) bore
156 in (3962mm) stroke
Pull – down Capacity: 30,000 lb (13,608 kg) depending on truck weight
Pull – back Capacity: 26,500 lb (12,020 kg)
Drill Feed Rate: 20 ft/min (6.1 m/min)
Fast Feed Rate Down: 150 ft/min (45.7 m/min)
Fast Feed Rate Up: 137 ft/min (20.4 m/min)

38 ft (11.5m) casing hammer derrick for pneumatic casing hammers only
Pullback Capacity: 29,000 lb (13,381 kg) pullback

Rotary Head Options
Type: Four – motor spur gear rotary top – head
Piping/Swivel: 2½ in (63 mm) air piping with 3 in (76 mm ID spindle
2 speed, High Torque: 8,000 ft-lb (10,848 N-m) @ 0 – 107 RPM
2 Speed, High Torque: 6,000 ft-lb (8136 N-m) @ 0 – 142 RPM

Retractable Table
Tracted by on 3 ½ in. (89mm) bore x 10 in. (254mm) stroke hydraulic cylinder.
Table Opening: 10 ¾ in. (273mm) diameter in the closed position
Table Base: Consists of two half plates. Rear retracts and front half is hinged to swing out to enable handling of casing
Holding Wrench: An air – operated wrench, which fits the drill pipe flats, is standard

Drill Pipe Carousel
Contained in the derrick in a fixed position; rotated by hydraulic motor in both directions from the console. Rotary head retracts to load/unload the drill pipe.
Capacity: seven 4 ½ in. (114mm) x 20ft (6.1m) pipe
Dual Wall Carousel: Seven 4 ⅝ in. (116.8mm) x 20ft (6.1m) pipe (4 ½ in. spindle)

Console and Platform
All drilling operations are controlled from the operator’s console located at the right rear side of the rig. The slim profile and quick opening side panels provide easy access for maintainence and service. An aliminium console cover is standard. The operator and helper are provided large, heavy duty steel mesh platforms that fold up for transport. A steel insert drops between the two platforms, converting the separate platforms into one continuous surface.

Drill Pipe Rack
Mounted on the left side of the deck, this storage rack holds sixteen 3 ½ in. (89mm) x 20ft (6.1m) drill pipes or twelve 4 ½ in. (112mm) x 20ft (6.1m) drill pipes. A pipe slide is included. Stand – off ribs at the end of the rod box allow for convenient use of the sling and hook.

Breakout Wrench
Hydraulic Cylinder: 3 ½ in (89mm) bore x 10in (254mm) stroke
1 ½ in (38mm) rod diameter hydraulic cylinder
The cylinder operates a self-adjusting, cam-action breakout wrench suitable for 3 ½ in (89mm) and 4 ½ in (114mm) OD diameter drill pipe is included

Leveling Jacks
Supported with four 5 ¾ in (146mm) bore hydraulic jacks with 18 in (457mm) jack pads. Two 5 ¾ in (146mm) stroke jacks are located on either side of thedeck behind the rear wheel. Front jack stroke and location are dependant on truck. See below
Navistar 7600: Two 36in. (914mm) stroke front hydraulic jacks mounted directly behinf the cab of the truck


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