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Snap-It - High quality segmental pipe system

snap-it_pipe_1To replace existing pipes we can provide a patented segmental pipe system, called Snap-IT, that is flexible enough to fit most applications. Snap-IT is ideal for limited access applications due to the length of the segments. It is available in four standard lengths and can be made in any length up to 1.6m to suit access points. The segments are joined by a special interlocking joint, which has an ‘O’ ring seal and snapped together by applying pressure from a hydraulic ram or pushing machine.

Once together the joint is locked by the joint profile. The joint uses a unique fusion ring in place of a conventional ‘O’ ring, giving a much higher integrity joint making it suitable for critical applications where excessive pressure or loads could be applied to the pipe. Once the joint is snapped together, the ring is fused into the polyethylene, the two joint faces flowing into each other and creating a tight bond.

Snap-IT technology can be used to provide a structural lining within existing pipes or can be used to burst and replace existing pipes.


Snap-it_Lining_1For structural lining existing systems, a conical head is winched through the old pipe. The Snap-IT segments are attached to the head and joined by a tensioning ram and chain. This relining method is cost-effective, fast and economical.


Snap-it_pipe_bursting_1For pipe bursting, an expanding head is winched through the old pipe, the pipe is broken and displaced, and the Snap-IT segments are jacked and winched into the resultant annulus.


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Further information on Snap it system as provided by Dunnes Drilling

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