Pipe Bursting

Pipe bursting is employed to replace sewer pipes both in main arteries along carraigeways and along laterals to private dwellings and businesses.

Pipe bursting involves the replacement of an old pipeline with a same or larger diameter pipe that destroys the original pipe as the new one is installed. The pipe bursting tool, which is pulled through the sewer by a winch or rod located at the upstream manhole, forces its way through existing pipe materials by fragmenting the pipe and compressing the broken pieces into the soil as it progresses.

Pipe Bursting by Dunnes Drilling

We provide pipe bursting to replace pipes both in main arteries along carriageways and along laterals to private dwellings and businesses. We use Expandit technology for main arteries and Miniburst for 3”, 4” or 6” laterals.

Expandit - Trenchless pipe replacement

Using Expandit, a pipe replacement system, we can provide a pipe of a much larger diameter than the existing pipe and replace existing sewer pipes with new approved pipe. There is no excavation needed. This technology is ideally suited to working in areas with limited access such as close to roads, gardens and buildings. Along with the unique patented Snap-It, segmental pipe replacement system, pipes can be relined or replaced from within existing chambers.

We can burst through a range of materials, such as clayware, pitch fibre, concrete, asbestos cement, cast iron and uPVC. Pipes of the clients choosing are then installed hydraulically in order to minimise the amount of heave and ground movement and eliminating damage to other utility systems.


Dunnes Drilling Brochure
Dunnes Drilling Expandit Pipe Bursting Brochure

Our explanatory Brochure outlining the Expandit Pipe Bursting System Download here


Pipe bursting by Expandit

burstchart1As the technology can work from within existing manholes, it can address the problem of replacing damaged pipes. There is very little disruption and the system is compact, powerful, quiet and requires no excavation.

Pipe replacement materials can be clayware, concrete or polyethylene and can be installed using our Snap-IT segmented pipe system.



The following chart shows the larger diameters that can be chosen to replace an existing smaller pipe.


Miniburst - trenchless pipe replacement

Using Miniburst technology, we can burst and replace smaller pipes of 3”, 4” or 6” up to a maximum length of around 50 metres. The new pipe is either short section, or continuously welded pipe, in either MDPE or HDPE. As the system is a pipe replacement rather than repair, the new pipe will have a design life of 3 to 4 times that of a repair method. This system provides a way of replacing old worn out or collapsed pipes and sewers without the need for excavation. It is typically used for the replacing the smaller diameter laterals to residents and businesses. Pipes are replaced on a size for size basis.

The new pipes are polyethylene and are suitable for use in both private and public situations. They are regarded as suitable by Local Authorities.

When required, Miniburst can be used from within existing manholes, to provide a new pipe length, without the need for excavation. It is therefore ideally suited to replacing pipes in difficult locations where more traditional methods of piping cannot be used, such as under houses, roads, fencing and walls. We can replace clayware, cast iron, pitch fibre, asbestos cement and other common materials.

The system is quiet and discreet, and most importantly, is compact and portable, so that pipes can be replaced from within confined areas, such as gardens, narrow alleys and some basements.

Pipe Bursting Images

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