Guided Auger Boring Project - Killyman Dungannon


Project: To install a 450mm surface water pipe under a road junction from a new manhole to a new housing development – distance of 50m, through sand at a depth of 5.5m

The pipeline was to be installed by open cut method, but, was bandoned th 50m remaining due to depth and difficult ground conditions. The open cut was a risk to existing services and surrounding buildings, as wel as a health and safety issue.


Untitled-12The installation was then attempted by Directional Drilling, which failed, due to a flat gradient, and ground conditions.

The pipe installed by Directional Drilling had to be abandoned, was now in the way for the Guided Auger Bore.


Untitled-11This required a new 2m shaft to be excavated to one side of the original line, two Guided Auger Bore drives were now needed. One 50m long to the development site and one 3m long into the existing manhole, recently constructed, to connect to the already installed pipeline. Mobilisation and the 3m drive was completed in 3 days. The BM400 was then set up for the 50m drive which was completed in 4 days, to exact line and level.

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