Guided Auger Boring

5-augerboring1Guided Auger Boring is a cost effective solution for jacking pipes without digging trenches. This method can be used for the accurate installation of pipe systems such as clayware, ranging from internal dimension of 150mm to outer dimension of 620mm and all through a shaft size of 2000mm.

This capability is required for pipe system installations that need to go in at varying gradients and require a high degree of accuracy. It is typically used for installing sewers and storm water drainage.

Guided Auger Bore / Small Diameter Pipe Jacking

Pilot rods are guided by a theodolite, steering head, a CCD camera and monitor. Accurate controlled drilling is carried out in the displaceable ground. The pilot pipe is thrust through the ground into the hole. The direction and tilt are continuously monitored by the theodolite of the guidance system. After the pilot is complete, the auger follows the line of the pilot bringing the excavated material back through the launch shaft. When the augering is complete, the main pipe is jacked behind the last casing.

How does it work?

augerboring2The guidance system’s theodolite is fixed to the base of the shaft and set up to the correct line and level of the intended drive axis. The CCD-camera focuses on the LED target located in the pilot head. The LED’s indicate the pilot head position in relation to the axis of the drive.

This allows the operator to immediately see any deviation from the axis as the displayed image on the monitor drifts from the reference cross hairs on the screen. The operator can steer the pilot head by turning the rods from the launch shaft. The guidance system provides accuracy over a 60metre drive of +/-20mm or better.

Optionally, the pilot bore can be recorded using a video recorder and a handheld recording device is available for recording the jacking loads during installation of the production pipes.

Directional Auger Bore
Technical Data
Technical Data
1,000 kN
Pulling Force
500 kN
12,000 Nm
Speed 30/120 rpm
Hydraulic Pressure Up to 320 bar
Stroke 2 x 600 mm
Weight 2,000 kg

Dimensions (1/w)
Launch Shaft
Circular circ 2000 mm
Drive Length Up to 60 m
Max. Pipe Circ. (OD) 620 mm
Standard Pipe (ID)
150 mm
225 mm
300 mm
450 mm


Guided Auger Boring Images


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Further information the BM400 Auger Boring rig by Dunnes Drilling

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